Friday, July 31, 2009

Wedding Update

I have been asked recently about wedding progress so here goes it...

Rehearsal Dinner site...check!
Reception venue...check!

I still need a lot of things, but I feel pretty good considering we have over a year! Go us!

Edited to add:
Got engaged on May 18, 2009
Getting married on October 23, 2010*

* I know that's a long way off....stuff books up ridiculously fast here, we were only really interested in one church, and I refuse to get married in the Texas summer heat/humidity

An Open Letter...

Dear Amy Winehouse,

I am glad that I do not see you on my celebrity gossips sites daily like I used to. You kind of scare me.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh I Wish I Was...

So last night on the way to dinner, look what S and I saw...

That's right, people...THE OSCAR MAYER WEINERMOBILE!

(As always, I apologize for the crappiness of my BlackBerry photo...I always have my camera on me so I don't know why I do this...)

I am secretly obsessed with the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile so when we saw it S may or may not have circled the block so I could maybe or maybe not take a picture in front of it and this may or may not be one of the many reasons I love him.*

*Hint: he did circle around and even took a picture of me in front of it (and I do love him for indulging my ridiculous obsessions). It was total fate because I was wearing my MUSTARD YELLOW shoes!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wishful Thinking...

Wish I was here...

or here...

I miss Paris...

Monday, July 27, 2009

An Open Letter...

Dear interwebs,

Please remind me to take my multi-vitamins. Thanksomuch.


Weekend Adventures: Culinary Edition

This weekend S and I decided that sushi sounded good for dinner. Our favorite sushi dive, Backdoor Sushi (tragic name, I know), went out of business a few months ago so we were in search of another casual sushi place.

Enter AKA Sushi House.

Being a new restaurant, I wanted to try something new.

Let me introduce you to The Godzilla.

(Sorry for the crappy photo...I had to take this with my BlackBerry)

The description was something along the lines of "spicy tuna topped with salmon on a bed of tortilla chips." I was a little freaked by the addition of tortilla chips, but was willing to see what it was (plus I figured . I wish I had taken a picture of the initial presentation, but I was too eager...

When it came out, there were chips in between each of the pieces (in this photo you can see them stacked in the corner). Those "tortilla chips" were none other than Nacho Cheese Doritos. Oh wait, there's more...after the first bite I realized THERE WERE CRUSHED UP NACHO CHEESE DORITOS INSIDE THE ROLL.

For the record: it was surprisingly delicious.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Check It Out...

Pretty in Pink Megan has started an alternate blog to sell stuff from her closet at PIPM's Online Yard Sale.

This is the dress I just picked up. Cute, no?

Also, Stephanie is BACK! So go to her blog IMMEDIATELY and leave her lots of sweet congratulatory notes for finishing her Crest White Strips pack!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Found in the window of the gift shop last night at a Children's Hospital. Not cool.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

16 & Pregnant

Okay, so I know that I talk about the ridiculousness that is reality TV on here often. I can't help it.

I hate the show 16 & Pregnant. I think it is absolutely terrible that someone thought this show was a good idea. I have watched a majority of the episodes and do not feel that MTV does a good job of showing how much your life changes when you have a kid. Real life is not Juno.

That being said, kudos to the kids on the finale episode. I was so proud of them for making such a tough decision, especially with a lack of parental support. Also, bravo to the father of the baby who told his dad that his daughter deserved better than the life he lived.

An Open Letter...

Dear Chris Brown,

Famous or not, hitting a girl is deplorable. The world does not need your scripted apology.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Southern Belles: Louisville

Is anyone else watching this? If not, you should be. Fantastic.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bad Decision? Good Decision?

I bought these pants last week from the Crew and they should be arriving today. As someone who is anti-leggings, I am beginning to wonder if this isn't the biggest fashion mistake I could ever make, but in my defense, these pants do have a zipper in the back...

Worst case I suppose they get returned.

Edited to add: Terrible decision. Returning them tomorrow after work.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Blog?

Stephanie over at Just Shoe Me did a post today about why she blogs.

I decided to start blogging so that I could have a narrative of my life and a forum in which to air my thoughts, opinions, rants, raves, queries, etc. So far I haven't been that consistent and I haven't been too terribly interesting. Hopefully that will change.

But this is why I blog.


Please excuse the mushiness for 2 seconds...

In less than 500 days but more then 365 days, I get to marry my dearest friend!!!

And I CANNOT wait!

That is all.

Funny Story

I have this friend and in this case I can't use his initials because we use his initials as a nickname. Three weekends ago we went to a bar in town that is known for fantastic cougar watching. My initial-less friend ended up bedding a 38-year-old who looked 45. For the record, my friend is 26 and does not look 18. Oh wait...did I mention she had kids about his age?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Belated Birthday!


You are amazing!

*For the record, I am not a terrible significant other. We were out of town for his birthday on the aforementioned trip to St. Louis and I have no idea how to schedule posts so I am just now getting around to wishing him a happy birthday publicly. He received his card and present in St. Louis and my parents threw him a birthday party the weekend before.

Airplane FAIL

Okay, I should probably start by saying that the title is not entirely true and maybe not even true at all...

It wasn't the airplane's fault. It wasn't even the airline's fault, even if it was Southwest...

This weekend S (the fiancee) and I were flying back from St. Louis. Since we were flying Southwest (the greyhound of the skies as I call it), we did not have assigned seats (and to be honest I am not sure that would have helped matters). I am partial to the window seat. A mother and her 10 year old daughter sit behind us. The daughter also wants the window seat. She proceeds to spend the entire flight kicking the back of my chair. When I look back at either her or the mother, they either ignore or smile. By the end of the flight I was punching my seat back trying to make a point.

Let me say here that I am not bothered by babies/children on planes. I get that sometimes babies cry and sometimes children get finicky. I have sat in front of many a child on a plane and did not raise a fuss when the child occasionally kicked the back of my seat. The problem is when parents do not require their children to behave on the plane. The mother was aware of the kicking. Both S and I shot dirty looks, etc. She just saw nothing wrong with it. And that is my beef. A 10 year old is old enough to sit still for a flight that is just under 2 hours. If it was some adjusting in the seat now and then, no problem, but that was not what this situation one point the girl was kicking in time to a song.

I must admit though that when it was time to get off the plane, I did let out a little chuckle when the mother realized that the little girl hadn't screwed the lid on her water and her book was ruined.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Facebook Friends, really?

I am sorry I haven't been around much (or at all) in the last week or so. Like I said before, I haven't entirely figured out what to write about on here.

Anyhow, I promised to share random life ramblings and this is something that bothers the hell out of me...

If we have barely met (or just met once with little or no conversation between us), why would you ask me to be friends on Facebook?

I get it...I should be flattered. Someone thought I was nice. Whatever. If we didn't speak much or there was no promise of getting together or introducing you to my friend or whatever the hell it is people talk about, then don't add me. It leads to the inevitable awkwardness that will happen if I see you again and you know I left you in Facebook rot (read: you just let someone with their friend request sit in limbo, neither accepting them nor denying them) or the weirdness of knowing that I hardly know you but I felt bad because we knew some of the same people so I felt the need to add you but now you know all about me because you Facebook stalked me. I know that I could just say no, but this always seems to happen with a friend of someone I like, so there's a good chance I will see them again.

I bring this up because this has happened to me TWICE recently. We went to visit friend's out of town a couple of months ago and the wife of the couple we were visiting had another couple in town. The wife of the in town couple added me as a friend even though I spoke to her a grand total of 5 minutes. She is married with two kids and has all sorts of pictures of her making out with other girls in bars on her page...I don't want to know this about you! Then over the 4th, a friend had a BBQ and her cousin-in-law showed up with her husband. They were both very nice people and in fact I am in the JL with the forward to the next monday and the husband has sent me a Facebook friend request! We didn't talk to each other beyond "My name is Sarah...nice to meet you."

I don't get it, you guys. I just don't get it. I am not an asshole, but really? Save us all the ridiculousness and don't add me unless we have a relationship of some sort.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Booze Accessories...

Mrs. Newlywed is hosting a fantastic giveaway on her blog! She is giving away a summer pack from Barefoot Wine!

Go there now and check it out! (Or don't as that could decrease my chances to win)