Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Airplane FAIL

Okay, I should probably start by saying that the title is not entirely true and maybe not even true at all...

It wasn't the airplane's fault. It wasn't even the airline's fault, even if it was Southwest...

This weekend S (the fiancee) and I were flying back from St. Louis. Since we were flying Southwest (the greyhound of the skies as I call it), we did not have assigned seats (and to be honest I am not sure that would have helped matters). I am partial to the window seat. A mother and her 10 year old daughter sit behind us. The daughter also wants the window seat. She proceeds to spend the entire flight kicking the back of my chair. When I look back at either her or the mother, they either ignore or smile. By the end of the flight I was punching my seat back trying to make a point.

Let me say here that I am not bothered by babies/children on planes. I get that sometimes babies cry and sometimes children get finicky. I have sat in front of many a child on a plane and did not raise a fuss when the child occasionally kicked the back of my seat. The problem is when parents do not require their children to behave on the plane. The mother was aware of the kicking. Both S and I shot dirty looks, etc. She just saw nothing wrong with it. And that is my beef. A 10 year old is old enough to sit still for a flight that is just under 2 hours. If it was some adjusting in the seat now and then, no problem, but that was not what this situation was...at one point the girl was kicking in time to a song.

I must admit though that when it was time to get off the plane, I did let out a little chuckle when the mother realized that the little girl hadn't screwed the lid on her water and her book was ruined.


Brit said...

This happens EVERY single time I fly. Not even kidding!