Thursday, August 6, 2009

Periwinkle Foundation

I don't talk about this sort of thing often, but this is very important to me...

The Periwinkle Foundation is an amazing charity that works with children (and their families) dealing with cancer and other other blood disorders.

Per the Periwinkle Foundation website:
"The Periwinkle Foundation develops and provides programs that positively change the lives of children, young adults and families who are challenged by cancer and other life threatening illnesses and are cared for at Texas Children's Hospital.

Each year more than 4,000 children are touched by Periwinkle programs Camp Periwinkle, Camp YOLO, Family Camp, the Long Term Survivor Program and the Arts & Creative Writing Program which culminates each year in a traveling exhibition of art by children touched by cancer and blood disorders. Through camping, recreational and arts programming, The Periwinkle Foundation provides opportunities for these special children and their families to heal emotionally, lead fuller lives and become stronger survivors. With the generous help of our friends and supporters in the community, The Periwinkle Foundation changes lives for life."

Even better, this week was Camp Periwinkle!

Camp Periwinkle is an amazing program that allows some pretty sick kids, to just be kids. They get to fish, swim, do archery, have dances, etc. It is amazing to watch these children laugh and play and do all of these things that they wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to do.

Today camp is wrapping up and tomorrow the kiddos head home, but I know everyone at camp this year (both campers and counselors alike) are effected by what happens there. It truly is a special, one-of-a-kind place.

Want more information? Go here. Want to donate? Go here.

All images courtesy of The Periwinkle Foundation.