Friday, September 11, 2009


Happy Friday all. Remember when Fridays were exciting because TGIF was on TV including Full House and Family Matters? No, me neither. This Friday is exciting for a different, we aren't having margaritas for breakfast...we have our FIRST GUEST BLOGGER!

Amanda comes to us today from Martinis or Diaper Genies? (That was a statement, not a question. Don't let the punctuation fool you). She sort of internet stalked me until I agreed to let her do a guest post. Awkward, I know. Anyway, go over and check her out sometime. If you don't think she's funny, at least go over there and check out my guest post (oh yeah...I didn't mention we swapped blogs for the day, well we with it). Take it away Amanda (with my comments in bold)...

Hi friends.

My name is Amanda. I'm visiting from waaaay on the other side of the internet. You know, the place where the goth kids hang out after school and where Britney was hiding out for a good 3 months. But it's fun over there, we mostly discuss what life is like for a married, almost 30 something, and if it's really time to have a baby or just have another drink. Right now I'm about halfway through my 3rd pinot and about to shoot my birth control with it. So you get a feel for where life is right about now.

What I'll have to show for myself as a future housewife.

So Sarah with her "more exciting life" got me thinking. If I had to cook up a life more exciting for myself...what would that really entail? I mean last night I almost shit myself when I saw the Halloween issue of Martha Stewart on newsstands (have you guys seen the issue with her and her horse?? that is MARTHA on the cover. freaky), so that probably wouldn't be chalked up to a most exciting life style to many. **however if anyone wants to get into a Halloween debate regarding importance, relevance and excitement, you know where to find me

Tell me you don't get a special feeling from this and I'll totally wonder about you.

Current excitements include:
  • J. Crew sending me a discount via email that would make the 188 dollar blazer I am interested in 160 and then back to 188 with shipping. HISSSS. Ok not excited, mad actually. (Yeah. This one sucks. JCrew is being lame lately)
  • Performing my morning, lookatmystomach ritual and seeing slightly less roly poly and slightly more hotsy tatsy. We're talking centimeters that could excite me here...
  • B (the husband) purchasing the XL bottle of wine before coming home from work
  • A full DVR waiting for me with new and amazing episodes of Gossip Girl, The Bchelorette, Rachel Zoe or Project Runway. Basically any show either A) meant for a tween or B) "Reality" TV (Reality TV is my FAVORITE)
  • Anything involving carbohydrates

Now should I create a life more exciting, I believe the following things would excite me:
  • Saks calling me to ask me to just please take all of these Louboutins off their hands. I mean they are begging. (she would be obligated to give some to me too, since obvi Saks heard about her through this blog. duh)
  • A lifetime supply of pizza that isn't really pizza but your mouth thinks it ghost pizza or something. What? It could totally be a thing.
  • A clone of me to carry and birth my future spawn and then lose all of the weight on her own time. I'm busy with my shoes. (one for me too please. thanks.)
  • B purchasing the XL bottle of wine before coming home from work. (That's huge and probably won't change)

So those things are reasonable I believe. You should always have dreams and aim high. But for now I'll be content with my US Weekly and some nachos (nachos are the greatest food ever invented. no discussion.). But if you see a girl on the street praying to the pizza ghost for a life more exciting...say hello. We could use some people like you on our side of the internet.




Dollface said...

I already love MORDG.... love it!!! Great guest post. Please tell SAKS to send me some CLs as well, xxxooo

amy kelinda said...

I also need some ghost cheesecake. Make it happen!

PS. I totally saw that cover of Martha with the horse and was thoroughly freaked out. And slightly intrigued. And then freaked out again.

Cee said...

excellent guest post...I will have to check out MODG asap!

Cee said...

ps I love the evil Martha...

FashionAddict said...

Wow, those Martha Stewart covers are totally creeping me out!

Legallyblondemel said...

I also shoot my pills with wine - no wonder we get along so well.

I actually find Martha even more creepy when she's in her daily uniform(sensible shapeless button down, khakis, highlights, stern glare), but she's nonetheless obviously from another planet.

mamagooch said...

This is so great, I giggled and "Yeah, girl!"-ed (because that is such a thing) through it! Now I'm wishing for ghost pizza and heels.

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

I say we band together and get the government on board with ghost pizza. I bet they can cook something like that up.

Kristin said...

I want in on the ghost pizza as I am fairly certain that I consumed a million calories the other day that will most certainly make their home in the form of a belly roll.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh great post, can relate to the 3rd pinot, girl after my own heart.

Shanny said...

I think I just got traumatized by Martha.... lol

landlocked bride said...

Love this Friday post!

Deva84 said...

I love this post! Martha... no comments! I would like to have everything which is full of calories to be a ghost food! like ghost chocolate, icecream etc... life would be perfect! or at least not to gain weight after eating it!

happy_wife said...

Two words.

Uncle Jessie.

Nuff Said. Anyone that disagrees with me is lying.

(pardon me while I need to be alone).


Stephanie @ Just Shoe Me said...

Fab post, even better blog.

Also, because of this post, my friends are now avid readers of MODG and want to set me up with the Single Guy. They are all smug marrieds and obviously count picking dates for me among their favorite activities.

So thanks for that.