Tuesday, September 22, 2009

W00T, W00T (3rd Edition)

Oh my! I can't believe it is already time for a third edition of W00T-ing.

Special thanks to everyone who took the time to define W00T for me last time. I can't believe I never thought to consult Urban Dictionary before.

The fabulous Cee over at Curiousity has given me my THIRD award (if you ask me why, I would venture to guess it's my hard-hitting journalism skills).

Here is how it works:
1. List 5 current obsessions
2. Pass the award on to 5 other bloggers.

Here are my current obsessions:

1. Coats. Last week we went to something S calls "Amway for clothes" and my friend Jen kept pulling coats for me to look out knowing they are my kryptonite. If I ever need to break an addiction, I know who NOT to call.

2. I don't know that I will ever be the person who says "cooking relaxes me." I don't know how to do it so I don't like to do it. Maybe if I had better cooking skills I would be more likely to file cooking under relaxation? But probably not. (I know this isn't an obsession but it has been on my mind a lot lately)

3. Boots. I love all kinds of boots. Pointy-toed boots. Riding boots. Chunky heeled boots.

4. Engagement pictures. I have a dates set and now I am trying to figure out where to do them, what to wear, etc. etc. etc.

5. Cleaning. I spent part of Sunday afternoon cleaning the grout in my bathroom. Obsessive? Without a doubt. I am a really big neat freak in general but all of a sudden I have recently been seized even more by the need to have everything around me cleaner than it has been.

I pass this award on to anyone who hasn't received it yet! Thanks again, Cee!


Stephanie Faris said...

Purses are my kryptonite. But I did need a new coat...so last weekend we were at Goodwill in the rich area of town buying clothes for my boyfriend's daughter (who just needs some stuff to wear when she's with us every other weekend) and I found this very nice leather coat...for $29. I was SO excited!

Cee said...

How about this...I will give you some of my cooking skillz and you will give me some of your cleaning skillz.

Not that I am a dirty person or anything...I just have trouble getting motivated to clean.

I think the key to cooking being realxing is making up your own dishes and not following recipes. It's like an expirement.

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

I wish I had an obsession with cleaning! That would do me way more good than my shopping obsession.

amy kelinda said...

I LOVE COATS. But man, do we ever really get to wear them here in Houston? Maybe for a month out of the entire year. So tell me again why I just bought two new ones?

Maybe you should try cooking something really easy first, like spaghetti with canned sauce. Boiling noodles is a good start!

Sassy Chica said...

Congrats on your award, holla for your hard hitting journalism skills!!!

Sassy Chica

and I too love coats and boots:)

Sassy Chica said...

oh yea and I too think your BLOG IS FABULOUS!!!!

Sassy Chica

Annie said...

i LOVE boots and coats too!!
congrats on the award!

tres tippy said...

I love coats, shoes, and bags! I should never leave the house, I have too many forms of kryptonite going on here. Thanks for commenting on my blog :)