Tuesday, October 27, 2009

W W J D ?

What Would Jen Do ?

Two things have sparked this post...

(1) My friend Jen had a birthday this weekend. If I had to guess, she's probably pretty old.
(2) I get a lot of catalogs in the mail and they all have left me with a sort of WTF feeling.

I feel like the styling in a catalog should make me WANT to purchase something, not make me beg a friend who's older than me for pictures of her so I can compare them and ask myself WTF. Am I wrong in this? (Don't answer that.)

Backtrack: I get a lot of catalogs in the mail. I really like clothes. Jen knows this. When she received her J. Crew catalog (back in September, I believe) she says to me (paraphrasing here): "Have you seen the latest J.Crew? WTF?"

My response: "Yeah, I don't get it."

Then she proceeds to tell me the story of how she used to work at The Limited and wore outfits styled very much like the Crew catalog all the time (obviously, she was a trendsetter).

Which led to me asking for the photographic evidence of all of this. Being a good friend, she turned them over to me, knowing full well that I was going to use them to mock her. See? That's what friends are for.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Lucky for us, readers, these photo include so many trends (ties with boxer shorts, unfortunately never made it big):
  • Boyfriend blazer...check!
    Bonus points for rolled sleeves (which Jen neglected in her Holiday 1992 look), negative 5 points for insufficient layering and pairing with jeans...BORING!

  • Dressy shorts...check!
    Missed potential for bonus points here because shorts are severely lacking a Christmas plaid.

  • Excessive layering...check! check! check!

  • Chambray shirt...check!
    Bonus points for pairing it with shorts, minus 2 points for insufficient layering.

  • not seen in first photo...tights under shorts...check!
    I think we all know where the styling went wrong here...clearly a lack of layers.

So leave Jen (belated) birthday love in the comments. She isn't so good of a friend that she actually reads my blog, but sometimes she has her husband read it to her, so make sure to leave comments that will sound even better coming from him.


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Jcrew is basically the limited who hired a great stylist and now charges double time for their clothes. And I eat it up like cake.

Jen, go immediately to jobs@jcrew.com and talk to them about your intuitive trend setting capabilities circa a million years ahead of time. If they don't call you immediately, they are basically asking for bankruptcy.

They'll respond too. Once I emailed them and asked them for a small fix per month like one shirt or one sweater just to get by. They seemed confused but did offer to help.

Happy birthday sister sledge. Wishing you lots of vaginal lip rings, leaky tampons and long poops (that was for your husband to read out loud)

Milltini said...

Hilarious. I feel that there are a fair amount of pictures in my archive of photo humiliation that you could have a field day with.

Samma said...

Ugh I feel the exact same way. I loved my Limited rayon floral romper paired with leggings and chunky boots.

My post today is similar- I feel like a lot of clothes right now are very Rayanne Graff.

Cee said...

I actually do love the limited...not going to lie.

Excessive layering confuses me. Does anyone actually wear that many layers in real life?

Happy birthday Jen!

Dollface said...

Some trends never make sense to me!! But I always go with what works for me, and very classic styles.... love the photos! xxxoo

amy kelinda said...

Excessive layering is a must, especially in a city where the temperature can be anywhere between from 50 - 99 degrees depending on the level of the tide / tilt of the planet / whether or not you ate cereal for breakfast. Come on, don't you know this?? :)

Emma said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel that way when I look at the back of magazines- like, "Who wears that?!" I think the JCREW outfits look super cute! You definitely have to be fashion forward, especially to wear those fancy shorts! Xo

Elizabeth said...

This just proves that you should never get rid of clothes b/c there is a good chance it will come back in style.

Sassy Chica said...

LMAO, especially since I too can check off majority of these items, what the heck was I thinking!

GREAT POST and happy belated B-day!

Sassy Chica

Midtown Girl said...

LOL - how awesome are your friends pics - you should totally be hers stylist you completely revamped her "look". She was sweet to send them to you though;-)

My fav look is the boyfriend blazer with a vest/cardi underneath paired with a ruffed short skirt with tights and booties - hot!


Shabna said...

you're a fan of the layering eh?!

Roscoe said...

As the husband reading to my wife, Jen, I love saying "tampon" vs putting them in the cart. What a bitchin' gal.

Mrs. Bear said...

Is it bad that I also dressed like that.. WHEN I WAS IN 2nd GRADE?!?! I totally rocked the tights and shorts look - my most proud moment was when I discovered how hot navy tights, plaid shorts, and a blue leotard looked together. To top it off I sported my penny loafers, matching blue rimmed coke bottle frame glasses, and my huge curly afro air dryed and natural. I was probably the sexiest 2nd grader in America.

Mrs. Sitcom said...