Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Recap

Not really, though because I didn't do much this weekend.

I went to happy hour on Friday, ate barbecue and was in bed by 11. I napped most of Saturday and ran some errands. On Sunday I went to brunch, drank too many 50 cent mimosas and convinced S to go shopping with me again (probably his least favorite thing EVER).

But I want to thank the friendly staff of Splash Hand Car Wash 2 (catchy name, no?) for finding a little piece of my heart this weekend...

You see, last Thanksgiving we decided to road trip to Saint Louis, Missouri (from Houston). We wanted to take the dog (he's getting old) and it would have been way too stressful for him (and me) to be crated and flown.

We go to the wineries up there every year (I know...who knew there were wineries in Missouri? Not me. Until I went there to visit and now I know) in the Fall and every year I insist on doing the wine tasting at Mount Pleasant. When you do wine tasting, they give you the glass (I refuse to just buy a glass...maybe you can just bring your own? I have no idea.) I was still finishing my champagne (yes, I was drinking champagne out of this glass after I tried some red judgment) on the way to the car (this part of the afternoon got fuzzy) and apparently was eating some Fritos (I don't know where I got them, but I found the bag in the car the next day) while S drove me and some of his family members home. I was still holding the glass when we got pulled over for speeding so I shoved the glass under the seat for safekeeping (obvs). Well the next day I went to go look for the glass under the seat and I couldn't find it. Neither could S. Then we forgot about it until THIS WEEKEND.

S got his car washed and they found it under the seat!

This glass must be made of magic (or has powers to make itself invisible) because it survived endless moving of the seats, me fumbling under the seat looking for keys, etc.

It's Monday. I'm short on brain-power this morning but will be back with something more the results of the Christmas Stocking poll!

*Not the actual glass that was found. And that is not my hand or S's or anyone I know for that matter. But the glass looks similar, but with crusty wine residue.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Okay, that was lame. I'm sorry for that.

But I have exciting news! Yes, this is the second (third if you count the dog blogger) exciting bit of bloggy news this week!

I actually won a giveaway! How exciting is this?!?! (Answer: VERY!)

Jewish Girl is WASP's Clothing hosted it and I was picked! And I didn't even rig the selection progress! Thanks JGIWC!

So go visit her NOW...she is funny and has good advice and even better recommendations!

But before you go there, make sure you vote in the survey and leave me some reasons! At some point next week I will tell you guys which one I am!

Happy Weekending!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Opinions, Please!

Thanks for talking me down from the ledge during the whole cockroach debacle. Never in my life have I been so traumatized (including getting lost at Disney World in the third grade). Seriously. My skin crawls just thinking about it.

So S and I are getting married next year and recently we have been talking about our own family traditions (the ones we want to bring to our new family) and a heated debate was sparked...

One of us believes that on Christmas morning, stockings should be opened first, BEFORE you get to all of the presents. The theory behind this is that (1) it is a "natural warm-up, an appetizer if you will" (2) heightens the excitement of the main event and (3) provides time for the parents to get ready, wake up, turn on the camera, etc. The stocking holds only novelties and candy. Another person in this relationship believes they should be opened AFTER you have opened everything else. In this scenario, the stocking has all the usual stuff (lottery tickets, candy and whatever else) plus any accessories from the big presents (for example, if Santa left an iPod, there may be an iPod case in your stocking).

This is where you guys come in...

Which one of us is correct (hint: me*)?

Please vote in the survey below (finger crossed that it works):

Also, I would love to hear why you guys made the choice you did. Or why you would never do it one way or the other. Or what other traditions should we start up.

*I can't officially tell you guys which one is me yet, but I have faith that you guys will choose correctly. I know you couldn't possibly agree with him because his way IS NOT HOW IT IS DONE.

Sorry this thing has posted 86 different times. I was having poll trouble.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Open Letter...

Dear Woman Who Sat Next To Me On The Plane On Sunday,

I want to start this letter by saying had I known that you would talk to me the entire flight, I wouldn't have waved to you when you were four rows up flailing your arms about like you knew me. I only waved because I thought you were a crazy person sitting on another row and possible saying hello to someone else. Had I known that your assigned seat was next to me, I would have looked down at my seat belt IMMEDIATELY. I only realized as you sat down what floodgates I had opened by acknowledging your wave.

When you made your way to your window seat (I say this with clenched teeth because when I signed up for my flight and checked in on time I had a window seat...MY FAVORITE SEAT...and then when I went to go print the boarding pass, I was somehow given a middle seat, but I digress...), you really confused S by saying, "Sorry it took so long. Oh the things we do for a seat by the window." He thought with all of the waving and the chatting that maybe we knew each other. I had to repeatedly tell him I had no idea who you were. To this day he is still convinced that we met in line somewhere and that we struck up an immediate friendship. Please don't do this again. I don't mean to come across as rude, but I don't know you.

While I am sure that your 25-year old daughter is a talented artist, I don't need to look at the book she made you on Snapfish while you explain the photos from family trips. I appreciate it, I really do, but it isn't really my thing.

Also, and this is just something for you to store away for future reference, taking pictures the entire flight (including on the runway) is a little more than slightly annoying. I am sure your family appreciates you capturing every detail, but unfortunately, complete strangers sitting next to you view it as a nuisance.

Something else we need to cover: over-sharing. While I sympathize greatly with your need to wear orthopedic tights, I do not actually need you to explain to me the swelling in your feet and legs. On the same note, I am a newly engaged 20-something female. I really am not interested in how you feel like you rushed into marriage and children and didn't get to practice your craft.

I am so sorry that I didn't comfort you when you were crying (literally) about the fact that your new town doesn't even have community theater and you just discovered your talent for performance art. This breaks my heart, it really does, but I don't do well with tears in general. It's not you, it's me.

I have no problem with small talk, but as luck would have it, I do not work for the tourism board in Houston. While I understand your curiosity, I don't feel like it is necessary for me to explain to you how hurricanes work. I may not have mentioned this, but I am not a meteorologist. Nor do I feel that it is my responsibility to explain to you whether aerospace means "jets or rockets." Lucky for you, we are flying Continental (which is based in Houston) and at the end of the flight into town they have a lovely propaganda video telling you what a great company they are and how wonderful Houston is as a city.

My final travel tip: when the person next to you is constantly putting their nose in their book or magazine, this means that they are reading and do not want to be disturbed. Do not tap them on the shoulder constantly to walk them through the play-by-play of the movie Star Trek even though you are not wearing headphones to hear the movie (although I am more than a little impressed that your knowledge of this movie is so vast that you know exactly what part it is even without sound). I am fully aware that you thought the movie was "really neat" as you told me this approximately 46 times during the flight. When I explain to you that I gave my headphones to my fiancee, please do not urge me to buy another pair from the flight attendant. If I was interested in Star Trek, I would have pulled the extra pair that I had in my carry-on and watched it. Thank you so much for the suggestion, though. From the parts I glanced up and saw after you interrupted my reading, I cannot imagine why your room mate didn't love the movie as much as you did.

I am sorry that this letter has gone on so long, but you took four hours of my life when you sat next to me on that plane.



Last night while I was laying in bed, a cockroach fell on my face.

This resulted in me screaming and running out of the house and then crying* until 5 AM (the incident itself occurred at 11:30-ish). Needless to say, I am exhausted**.

Cockroaches are my absolute biggest fear. Not all bugs, just roaches. I do not trust anything that can survive a nuclear fallout. And I am not scared of them in that funny sort of way. Seeing a roach will send me into a full blown panic attack.

And unfortunately, in Houston we get those big outside roaches (they live on trees or something...I'm not an entomologist).

So...yeah...not much posting from me today. Too traumatized to type.

*By crying I actually mean SOBBING. Like my entire body shaking, couldn't breathe, wailing...the whole nine yards.

** It takes a lot of work to be this neurotic.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Stand Corrected.

S called this afternoon to let me know that he was reading my blog and that he had a correction to make on this story (actually it was more of an addition, but whatevs)...


(...I will give you a minute so that you can compose yourself...)

For the record, I did not include this in the original story because it is sort of irrelevant. I still got locked out of the room while inappropriately dressed (which was the moral of the story). And we didn't discover the ice in the room until later in the afternoon because at no point in any of this did I think to look in the ice container. But now none of you can say that I lack journalistic integrity.

What I'm Reading...

Can you read what the top right corner says? "Exclusive: Shiloh Rescued a Village of Kids!"

And do you know what? This coupled with the "Jon's Ex Tells All" sold me on Life & Style Weekly.

It was everything I was hoping for in a trashy plane read (not quite enough to distract from the annoying neighbor, but still...) although I can say now that that (get ready for a shocker) they were being a BIT misleading with the Shiloh headline.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Reason #462 That I Should Not Be Allowed in Public

So Friday morning I wake up in the hotel (S was at a meeting at this point...he travels for work and I tag along) and I decided to go on a quest for ice.

The last place we stayed required you to call room service to bring you ice (this was only my second favorite thing about that hotel, by the way) so I was curious how it worked at this hotel. I looked in the booklets in the room (you know the books with all of the services and where crap is and who to call and all of that) and found NOTHING so I peeked out the door, saw no people, grabbed my room key and went exploring.

This is the point in the story where I mention what I was wearing...I have this stupid coverup thing that was marketed by Forever 21 as a dress (hint: actually not a dress) and it covers all of the necessary parts, although not very well. I figured I was well enough covered to go on an ice quest...I am sure you can see where this is going...

Well I found no ice and no housekeeping staff to ask and I refused to call down to the desk. So I go to return to the room and...


I have no choice but to walk down to the lobby in my ensemble and explain to the lady behind the front desk that my key wasn't working and I was locked out of my room (in the elevator I was able to get a quick glance at myself in the mirror...I forgot to mention that we went out the night before and I was too lazy to remove my makeup before bed and had an interesting mascara smudge situation happening). She proceeds to ask me if I have any identification (valid concern if you saw my face...I would question me). She asks me to sit down WHILE SHE CALLS SECURITY ON ME.

Let me also take a minute to say that we were not staying at a Best Western.

Long story short, security had to escort me to my room where I had to prove my identity to be let back in. Needless to say, I did not take advantage of my complimentary breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Awkward.

Oh and I later found out that I had to call housekeeping for the damn ice.

W00T W00T

I have no idea what in the hell "W00T! W00T!" means (notice the zeroes instead of "O"s), but my 21-year old sister tells me it is something you say when you are tres excited!

And let me tell you something, readers...I have news more exciting than blogging dogs!


The ever wonderful Amanda over at Martinis or Diaper-Genies gave me an award! A real-live award! Go to her blog IMMEDIATELY and tell her how wonderful she is. And congratulate her on cooking a real live grown-up meal and not killing anyone in the process**!

I think with awards, you are supposed to give them to other people that you like and I don't think you can re-gift (but what the hell do I know), so here are the lucky ladies (I don't discriminate against boys, I just don't know any that blog, except the dog and that feels awkward to me...)

Brit over at Landlocked Bride
Stephanie over at Just Shoe Me
Samma over at Spice & Sass
Liz over at Gangl*icious

So there you have it people. I have totally been validated!

*I'm sorry for all of the w00t-ing. I just don't know what to do with myself!

**Huge deal. I don't really know how to cook. I try. Sometimes. But I am not very good in the kitchen and feel horribly inferior to people who know how to cook.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Public Service Announcement

I'm back from my trip and am catching up on my Google Reader and beginning the ordeal that is unpacking (I hate unpacking. Hate it. No idea why, but it bothers me...)

I have some BIG NEWS to give you guys before I resume normal blogging...

Remember Jen and Jim? (If not, feel free to refresh your memory here)

Well, they have a dog named Roscoe and apparently Roscoe decided to start blogging this weekend...

This is Roscoe.

Go here to leave Roscoe some blog love: Fishsticks and Floppy Ears

I'll be back tomorrow (or even maybe the next day), depending on how unpacking treats me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Would you please put some pants on? I feel weird having to ask you twice.*

Well, guys, I am off for the rest of the week/weekend. I am off to my favorite city in the U.S. eat, to shop and to just generally be awesome...

Posting/commenting will resume upon my return (try not to miss me too terribly).

Many thanks to my friend Jen (the artist formerly known as JW...she says I can use her name because she assumes anything we cover could end up on the blog) for hauling me to the airport so I don't have to park my car (and Hi Jim!...Jim is her husband...he supposedly read my blog one day but I am not sure I believe him when he says this...)

*The title is a reference to the movie The Hangover. Go see it. Immediately. S and I saw it last weekend when I found this (I know we were a little bit late to The Hangover party...better late than never). Despite the creepy reading material in the lobby, the movie was fantastic.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Me thinks not!

On Monday Kate asked the question "how many jackets can i purchase before it becomes "a problem"?"...which inspired today's post on the fact that I am obsessed with Fall clothing and have more than any Houstonian should.

I LOVE Fall (nevermind that I have never lived anywhere that has ever had a Fall). In fact, I am so set on having Fall in my life that I am on a firm house-hunting strike (sort of) because I refuse to believe that I will be here long term (I never said I was rational).

In my closet, I have 9 winter coats. 9! This does not include jackets or heavy sweaters or puffy vests (which S finds HILARIOUS). And the worst part is, I plan on buying at least one new one this year.

Also, tonight I am in full on panic-packing mode. I leave tomorrow for a weekend trip to New York and I don't know what I am going to be doing yet! You have absolutely no idea how crazy this sort of thing makes me. I am neurotic in my day-to-day life, but when it comes to packing I am out of control.

First of all, I like to know what I am doing when I am traveling. Then I need some alternate outfits for these activities. Add to that the fact that I am always cold so I pack all sorts of wraps & cardigans. All of these things need to be sorted out via packing lists once I have a clue what I am going to be doing.

So today will be all about making packing lists and editing packing lists, etc. etc. etc.

With a little luck I should be able to keep the checked luggage under 50 lbs.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Go here IMMEDIATELY. Lynn is going to be evicted from her RENTED house!

Also, was anyone else aware that Mila Kunis was dating Macaulay Culkin? Because I sure as hell had no idea. (If you're interested in hearing how Culkin is Kunis' "steady rock" go here.) You're welcome.

Edited to add: Go here too. Because the woman has a point. Even though I love Bravo and Andy Cohen. The end.


Has anyone seen this show? Fascinating.

Sorry, that's all I've got for now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Words cannot describe this*...

This is a legit magazine. Crazy, yes?

*In case you can't read with the glare, it is a copy of Divorce Magazine, found at the local movie theater.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I told you to stay off them damn blogs!*

I don't have much to say today as I am still trying to recover from last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I don't know why I cannot seem to break myself away from this ridiculous TV show. This show is by far the worst of the Housewives franchise (even worse, in MY opinion, than New Jersey...which I secretly loved).

Good news: Flipping Out starts next week. The week after that renews my love/hate relationship with The Rachel Zoe Project.

Which leads me to this: does being really into Bravo reality programming count as a hobby?

Have a fantastic weekend!

*Without a doubt my favorite quote of the season thus far.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

True Story.

Backstory: The dog (Mr. Junior) is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He enjoys looking out for me when I am in the shower, but will never come in the bathroom without being invited in. If I don't invite him in, he will lay down outside the bathroom door and wait for me to finish. (Sidenote: Mr. Junior lives with S. I don't.)

Last night I spent the night at S's house and was taking a shower at the end of the day. The dog was sitting outside the shower.

S: Why didn't you invite Mr. Junior in the bathroom?

Me: He wasn't back here with me when I went in and since he's a gentleman, he didn't want to intrude.

S: He's like a vampire.

Me: Huh?

S: Vampires only come in if they are invited.

Me: (blank stare)

S: Everyone knows that.

Me: (blank stare)

*I can't seem to make his eyes not look scary. The scary eyes are not proof that he is a vampire. It is merely proof that he doesn't like me taking his picture so I have to make due with the photos I get. But isn't he handsome?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because I know you all are dying for my opinion...

I'll be honest here...

It has taken me a long time to get on board with "skinny" jeans. I saw them on some people and said "ooohh...those look cute on her..." and then I saw them on some people and said "no ma'am...did you really look in the mirror before you left the house?!?!?"

I was daring a few different times at the urging of ever-friendly sales staff and tried them on. Every time was a mega-FAIL.

Then during Gap's Give-and-Get weekend I went into Banana Republic. I was trying on some pants/jeans (this was the same weekend I fell in love with these pants, by the way...) and the sales lady who was helping me suggested that I go over and give Gap's new jeans line a try...

Let me tell you how skeptical I was...VERY. I have bought some things at Gap over the years, dresses, cardigans, etc. but I haven't bought a pair of jeans there since pre-college at the very least (read: a long time ago).

Anywho, I walked into Gap and discovered the GREATEST. SKINNY. JEANS. EVER.

These jeans actually fit! It's a miracle! They fit without giving a muffin top! They fit without making me look bigger than I am! I am not a big person at all, but for some reason EVERY PAIR I tried before THIS PAIR made me look like I had weird crazy proportions. Not good. Not good at all. But these jeans are terrific. You should check the new jeans by Gap. Or the revamped jeans. Or whatever. But go there and check them out. Oh yeah, and they don't cost $ they have that going for them too.

Plus, people like Slynnro, and Kate and Mrs. Mojito are hosting giveaways related to new Gap jeans.

And yes, S, this is another soliloquy to pants. I can't help it. When I like pants, I really like pants.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


WTF is this and why is it living in a city neighborhood?

At least its not Monday...

Good morning readers!

Sorry for the weird headless photo. I haven't decided if I am going to show my face or not...

I am wearing my Snuggie at work today! And flip-flops!

Professional? Not at all. Awesome? Absolutely.

Edited to add: Thanks for my Snuggie, JW!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sexy, kinda.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my foot...

Apparently a couple of months ago I had a stress fracture in the top of my foot. As a result, I started compensating for it when I was walking. I am not that interested in going to the, I have absolutely no medical phobias I can just think of about 1,000 things that I would rather spend my money on. So here we are.

I will be in this "walking cast" for two weeks (and hopefully only two weeks). Keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Periwinkle Foundation

I don't talk about this sort of thing often, but this is very important to me...

The Periwinkle Foundation is an amazing charity that works with children (and their families) dealing with cancer and other other blood disorders.

Per the Periwinkle Foundation website:
"The Periwinkle Foundation develops and provides programs that positively change the lives of children, young adults and families who are challenged by cancer and other life threatening illnesses and are cared for at Texas Children's Hospital.

Each year more than 4,000 children are touched by Periwinkle programs Camp Periwinkle, Camp YOLO, Family Camp, the Long Term Survivor Program and the Arts & Creative Writing Program which culminates each year in a traveling exhibition of art by children touched by cancer and blood disorders. Through camping, recreational and arts programming, The Periwinkle Foundation provides opportunities for these special children and their families to heal emotionally, lead fuller lives and become stronger survivors. With the generous help of our friends and supporters in the community, The Periwinkle Foundation changes lives for life."

Even better, this week was Camp Periwinkle!

Camp Periwinkle is an amazing program that allows some pretty sick kids, to just be kids. They get to fish, swim, do archery, have dances, etc. It is amazing to watch these children laugh and play and do all of these things that they wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to do.

Today camp is wrapping up and tomorrow the kiddos head home, but I know everyone at camp this year (both campers and counselors alike) are effected by what happens there. It truly is a special, one-of-a-kind place.

Want more information? Go here. Want to donate? Go here.

All images courtesy of The Periwinkle Foundation.

It's like Friday, but different...

Today is Thursday! I actually got some sleep last night! And I washed the sheets! And I dusted! And vacuumed!

Yesterday one of my dearest friends came into town for the month of August! Today I only have half a day of work! S comes back Saturday!

Today on my way out to nowhere, I will try to take a better picture of this...

What is this? It is just what you would expect to find on the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere..."Mattress Direct & Country Auto Sales"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Need Sleep...

I am exhausted today and don't have much to blog about...

But I will say this (turn away from the screen if you can't stand mushiness)...

I miss S. It's not as much fun around here without him here.

Monday, August 3, 2009


So this week I will be doing some back and forth between Houston and Small Town, Texas. These journeys will inevitably lead to ridiculous discoveries such as this in the Brenham Wal*Mart:

I get that this is supposed to be a reference to "Coke-a-Cola" but really?

J. Crew Success!

Okay, so a while back I blogged about a GIGANTIC J.Crew fail. I was very upset about said incident because I have been looking for a perfect cute ankle pant/cigarette pant for a while now.

So I ordered these:

Gigantic misstep on the part of J.Crew. These pants were too long, bunchy at the crotch, etc. etc. etc. Essentially they were leggings with a zipper.

I had some other things to return to the mall this weekend (including other sizing issues with the Crew). Since I was already there, I figured I might as well try some things on...

Enter: The Stretch Twill Minnie Pant

Mine are black, not grey, but you get the point

I know it is hard to tell the difference from these two pictures, but I assure you, they are polar opposites.

These pants are FANTASTIC! They are the perfect length! Belt loops! Welt pockets on the back! Just enough stretch!

Thank you, Crew!