Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Greatest Show on Earth.

So yesterday's post was a nightmare. Sorry about that. Pinky promises to all of you that from now on Picture of the Day will be exciting and witty and a hell of a lot more exciting than whatever fiasco occurred yesterday. You're welcome.

People have been asking and I promised an update, so here it is.

Happy now?

We took our engagement pictures back in November. I love pictures. Love them. Especially when they involve me and a professional photographer. S...not so much. He doesn't get all amped up when the camera is around. So we practiced by watching some ANTM (and by we, I mean me) and got our smeyezing down.

And then we took some pictures. I will show you the one that was on Facebook (minus our heads...don't worry...I got permission).

See? We took pictures. 3 hours worth. S had more fun than I thought he would and overall I was really happy with them. The ones I didn't like were because one of us was making some sort of stupid face. Oh well. Back to smeyezing practice, I guess.

Here are the wedding day facts:

Engagement date: May 18, 2009 (I am including this because people always ask)
Wedding Date: October 23, 2010
Number of bridesmaids: 3
Number of groomsman: 3
Time of wedding: 3:00 PM
Location: Catholic Church in Houston
Dress color: Navy

I bought THE DRESS in the first month of being engaged on accident. I didn't mean to find it right away, but I did, so I bought it. For me, I knew it was The One.

Once we decided that the wedding would be in Houston, there was only one church that I was willing to get married in. So I call them in June 2009 and I'm all, "Hey, I would like to get married pretty soon..." and they are all, "Not a problem. We are booked until July 2010..." So then I was mad because WHO THE HELL IS BOOKING ALL OF THESE WEDDINGS?!?! But then S talked me off the ledge and he said we should look at the Fall (this is Houston, so it's not really Fall). He started looking at weather patterns and all sorts of nonsense and we decided Ocotber 23rd worked for us. Come to find out that is also his dad's 65th birthday. I was pretty set on where I wanted my reception from the beginning and so we had to make sure the church date vibed with the reception venue date and it did (THANK GOD).

I chose the places I did for a couple of reasons. The church has a center aisle. This wedding is only happening once so it needs to count. The church my parents went to when I was growing up requires you to go up one aisle and down the other. No me gusta. Not happening. Both the church and the reception venue are pretty on their own. Yes, I am going to decorate them...I'm not that lazy...they just don't require draping and all of the nonsense so many other spaces do. The reception venue also covers the catering so that makes that easy.

My bridesmaids all got together to bond and pick out dresses in December. Half of them were sick and I got sick right after this (some thanks I get for letting them CHOOSE WHATEVER DRESS THEY WANTED). My policy on bridesmaid dresses were this: they had to match and look cohesive together and be navy. Other than that, I didn't care. Going into this whole process my sister/maid of honor (I hate the term MOH) was insisting on strapless. INSISTING. Then she tried some on. Needless to say, they all chose the same dress. They are navy and look nothing like this:

They are navy with a wide v-neck and a-line. They are supposed to hit right below the knee, but all of the bridesmaids are shorties (I mean they are all short in their stature, not the Urban Dictioniary definition) so we are hemming above the knee. The Mass is at 3 in the afternoon...I figure we can get away with this. No decision yet on shoes. Not sure if I want them to match or be the same color or what.

S is a pretty formal guy. He insisted on a suit for the "dressy" engagement pictures. He wears a suit everyday to work though so that's his comfort zone. I live by the motto "it's better to be overdressed" so I'm glad he's not sneaker-guy or LA-guy who wears a blazer with sneakers, a t-shirt and jeans (HATE). He wants the guys side to jazz things up with tuxes. Done and done (but not picked out yet). There is some debate about the style of tie and/or the color.

The dinner will be seated and we haven't picked food yet.

I ordered the save the dates yesterday. I still can't decide on invitations.

Obviously, since we have taken engagement pictures, we have chosen a photographer. I OBSESSED over that decision for what seemed like FOREVER, but in reality, it was one of the first decisions I made. Because I am obsessed with pictures, I am definitely doing bridals. I know, non-Southern readers are all "what the..." but that's how we roll in Texas. We take pictures in our dress before the wedding and display it at the reception. Narcissistic? Absolutely. Why do you think I love it?

Rehearsal dinner is at a brewery. We have a large number of guests traveling in from out of state and we want them to be invited so it is casual. Since people in the Midwest don't know shit about Mexican food, that's what we are going with.

We haven't registered yet. S says he wants to be involved in this process. Why? Who knows. Most likely, we will stick to three stores. And even more likely, I will begin stalking my registry as soon as it has been done.

We haven't decided on a first dance song. We have decided on the band. They pretty much rock my face off (despite this picture).

I haven't picked a cake yet or given any thought to flowers.

Honeymoon has yet to be decided, but more than likely will be somewhere tropical.

So there you have it. What I have so far.

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this brings back memories from long long long long long long long long long long ago

Ams said...

The joy that is getting married... and all the crap that goes along with it :)
Love it!
It's going to be beautiful.

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

ok by "people" asking about this you mean like just Jessalyn right? Maybe meredith?

Also you totally posted your picture of your legs because you were jealous of my picture of my legs. You win this battle miss 6 foot million.

Also if the bride of that wedding sees this, I'm in trouble. Blaming you.

"Julie" said...

1. did you verify the band's ability to play purple rain and lady in red??
2. no photog beats the photo shoot done by moi in the middle of the parking lot...no one.

meredith said...

i am jealous of your long legs in this picture. i'm trying to look in the background of this pic and figure out where the hell it was taken. love it.

and MODGy pants, it wasn't me! i've seen a couple of the hot engagement pics and i've already asked her all these very important questions.

SG said...

Umm your legs in that pic are AH-MAZ-ING. So Jealous.

Love hearing your wedding plans. Sounds like you have a lot done which is good. My wedding is May 22and if I don't lose my mind between now and then it will be a major accomplishment!

rootsandrings said...

Is Saint Arnold's the brewery that you speak of?? Because we just went there and it was awesome. Great idea.

Sole Matters said...

I had no idea that a lot of girls take Bridals. I didn’t even really know what that meant until I read {HRH}’s blog. I live in the South and I’ve never heard of it. Is that weird? I love the idea though!

P.S. LOVE the pic of you two!

jessalyn said...

while i am glad i am the first that comes to mind when thinking of stalkers, and i do appreciate a little looky-loo into the life of ALME, it wasn't me either.
and i totally dig the engagement pics. everyone up here does the freaking beach. yawn.

HoustonGurly said...

Wedding planning FUN! (I had to go on medication the year that I planned my wedding.)

Sounds like you've got a lot figured out... I have a cruise planned in August and don't even have my passport, yet!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

So yur future FIL is 65 on 10/23/10 and my FIL is 67 on 10/23/10.

Fun. And I like that date now that I typed it out.

Ok, so what is the real deal with why yo wont show your face. What's wrong with it?

The Only Girl said...

Oh God - I forgot how much work this all was! 11 years will do that to you. Okay - keep us updated. Bride breakdowns and all please.

Just Add Walter said...

you are telling us the time, date and location of your wedding because you are wanting us all to show up right!?? :) j/k!

love that engagement picture!!!

At least I'm skinny said...


1. Your engagement pics look ultra swanky and by only seeing that one I can tell that I love them.

2. I like that you went with the gold shoe because it looks way better than leopard would have in that pic and makes your legs look super long.

3. I cannot make any comments on your smeyezing abilities since you chopped your head off but I'm sure you have out smeyezed all the other future brides.

4. I think the backwards Kangol hat screams "I am so down with the funk that I will automatically be the best wedding band ever."

5. Bridals are a must. My thought on wedding pictures is that I will probably only have one chance to pretend I am Linda Evangelista and take bangin' pictures and I will use that chance to have as many photo sessions as possible. Then I will put as many pictures of myself up in my house as possible. And on facebook. And at my parents' house. And at my sister's house. Etc.

gayle said...

Girl you better get busy deciding things...this wedding will be here before you know it!!

Miss E said...

I think that is a perfectly perfect wedding date (well, almost perfectly perfect) since mine is Oct 22nd! :)

PS - your engagement photo looks ah-mazing. I can only imagine the rest look the same. And the plans for the wedding sound fun!

Cee said...

It was me damnit! I admit it with pride! And yes, I am happy now.

What can I say? I just love wedding stuff.

Thanks for all the details, the engagement pic looks very snazzy, the gold shoes were a good choice.

Natalie said...

Enjoy the wedding planning. There are days you're going to want to pull your hair out, but I swear it's all worth it in the end.

And btw, my anniversary is Oct. 23. We chose it b/c I wanted a fall wedding. Living in the South, it's not really fall. It's more like a non-humid summer. Also b/c it's the day before mine & hubby's birthdays.

I'm totally jealous of your rockin legs. They're awesome.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Congrats to you - I'm new to the blog so it's well over due. I will second the notion you have great legs! I think it's great you let your girls choose their dresses even if they went with the same one. I've had to wear some horrible bridesmaid dresses in my lifetime and I really wish they would have let me choose my own to flatter my body! I've hoped to do this for my friends when I get married but I'm still leaning on the side of revenge... maybe I should make all my brides wear what they made me wear to their weddings. ;)

B-Dub said...

Once again, I am reminded why we eloped. It was freakin sweet!!

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Um, your legs are killer hot in that picture!

Jane said...

Your engagement photo is gorgeous! I am sure the rest are as well! Can't wait to see how the main event turns out! (Im sure gorgeous as well!!)

I am Trish Marie said...

Love the engagement picture. Thank goodness you didn't have cheesy ones. You know, sitting in his lap, arm drapped around for the ring shot. I would have had to make fun of you and that would have not been nice.

I am pretty sure that is the church where my sister was married. I am not going to call you out and name it by name. But MODG, call me. I can tell you where that is, and she totally posted the time. If you don't get your invite, crash.

Kristin said...

I SO regret not getting a band. That's killer. And HOLY FABULOUS STEMS BATMAN! Share those workout secrets lady. I swear you and A have some little secret workout club.

ZDub said...

OMG, this wedding is going to be awesome.

Love it.

Rachel said...

I almost fell out of my chair when I got to the part about the aisle! I told Boots that the ONLY requirement for the wedding was that there be one aisle. I'm not all OCD or whatever but I want it to be symmetrical.