Monday, January 11, 2010

Preguntas, Por Favor

So I am thinking about making this whole "q&a" thing a regular feature here, so keep submitting your questions. If they suck, I will judge you. No pressure.

Now on to the remainder of the questions (wedding plans are coming, *pinky swears*)...

Millitini asked: "Here's a question for you...I've stolen it from the book of stupid questions and would like your take: 'The first time corn popped, do you think it scared the hell out of the Indians?' Discuss."

For starters, I am offended by your language, Millitini. Our friends with the feather are called Native Americans, no Indians. I expect you to be more culturally aware from here on out. Now on to the question...It probably scared the feathers out of their headresses if I had to bet. Can you imagine living your life in your wigwam or teepee or whatever and out of nowhere your damned crops start popping? I would piss my pants. No lie.

brit @ landlocked bride asked: "When are you coming back to STL so we can have a blogger wineries trip?"

This is an excellent question. We were supposed to go back this past weekend for a birthday party for our niece, but S wasn't really in the mood for travel. It looks like we won't be back until July (I think we are going to try something sooner, *fingers crossed*) so I will keep you all updated. The good news is, I am the child's only aunt so even though I missed the party, I'm still her favorite.

Casey asked: "would you rather know it all or have it all? why???"

This question is simple. Since I already know it all, I would have to choose to have it all. Obviously.

Carrie asked: "When are you and MODG finally going to meet in real life?"

Hopefully soon. S says she can come to the wedding if we meet in real life. So obviously, we are meeting in real life. We are taking donations via PayPal from those of you who would like us to meet up and then blog about it.

Monique asked: Question: "Would you like to have my near 8 year old son? He is home sick AGAIN and driving me nuts. Thanks in advance."

No thank you. And to be honest, I'm not even flattered because you seem a little desperate to get rid of him. While I love gifts, I don't like the kind I would be forced to support for the next 10 years. Thanks again. FOR NOTHING.

Midtown Girl asked: "OMG - are you on twitter? Please say yes!"

Is the Pope Catholic? Of course I'm on Twitter (plus there's a link on my sidebar). I'm always interested in cutting edge social networking (despite what I said here).

In another update to this post: This article was on MSN today (you guys can thank S for this one), but it just goes to show you how cutting edge things are over here at ALME. I mean for me and my readers, this topic is so last week.

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mamagooch said...

I have never EVEN thought about the first popped corn. Holy crap a thought. I would piss myself as well.

ZDub said...

As a Native American, I would like to think that the Native AMericans that first witnessed the corn popping didn't give two shits.

They scalped people for god's sakes.

"Julie" said...

you should also mention how cutting edge your new phone high tech if you ask me

Brown Girl said...

Ha, your answer about the crops cracked me up. I am not an indian or a mexican american. What the hell am i?

jessalyn said...

so by the way it was worded, i am taking it that you must meet before the wedding for modg to be able to come. i am intrigued by this. does S worry that if you don't meet first modg will end up being crazypants and ruin your big day?

that can be my next question if you wish.

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

alright this whole question thing is lazy. LAZY.If I have to think of this shit on my own everyday from my own stupid life, so do you.

With that being said, Answer this:
What is the fastest way for me to get real rich and famous right quick?

Future wedding guest.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

How about this...would you take my kids if I gave you the pittance of child support that I get from the ex??

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

ps one more question

Can I send you a random picture every now and then and you have to blog about whatever the picture is?

This is mostly because I want to use my camera a lot.


i would have to agree with zdub - i don't think the NA flinched a muscle

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Yes to wine!

At least I'm skinny said...

I like your advice much better and I cannot wait for MODG to be your wedding guest.

Cee said...

There was this teacher at my high school who was Native American/Indian/whatever...and he used to come on the morning annoucements and talk about Native American things. Once he said that it had actually changed and now you were supposed to say "American Indians"

Kristin said...

Way to go. Now I'm going to stalk you on Twitter.

amy kelinda said...

Do you take donations in Monopoly money? That's all I have. Maybe you and MODG can meet on Boardwalk, since that's obviously the most posh of places. :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Can you get your meeting with Amanda on film?

Being Brazen said...

hahaha...your blog is very funny.