Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wedding Registries v. Baby Registries

When S an I got married, I was fortunate that everyone around me had already gotten married (literally, every one of my college girlfriends was married/had been married for a while and a majority of the girls I knew from high school were married...only in Texas, I guess). I didn't really care what other people thought as far as the wedding was concerned (I knew what I wanted...sorry I'm not sorry), but they were all great about what I should and shouldn't register for.

Don't get the bread maker. Do get the ice cream maker...it's so amazing and you guys will use it all the time! And on and on and on this went. (Side note: I got neither the bread maker nor the ice cream maker.  I also neglected to register for the rice cooker.  So far, no one in our house has died.  Yet.)

Wedding registries are easy. How big is our house? Do we have room to fit this crap? Do we really need a Kitchen-aid Stand Mixer? (Answer: YES) You answer those questions and then you pick the things that you think look the cutest with your other crap. And then you start stalking your registry to see when people bought you stuff wait patiently for the gifts to come in.  Simple.

The rules are so simple.  Register for so many things depending on how many people you are inviting/showers you are having/whatever the formula is you're supposed to follow.

{ Someone really sent me this as part of the wedding planning process.  You know, so we could figure out which wine glasses really went with our lifestyle? Yeah, I don't know either. }

Then comes the baby registry. This is much much trickier (probably because no one has sent me a sensible graphic demonstrating different parenting styles).

In my experience, most everyone has very specific ideas of what will be right for their baby.  If you don't get an angry response for not agreeing, then you typically get the look that says "hope you've been saving for therapy for that kid..."  No one tells you that you will get a divorce if you don't register for sterling silver (we didn't).  All of my girlfriends who were oh-so-helpful with wedding planning/registry, all have very specific ideas on babies (and yes, just about everyone has babies...some of them have more than one).  No two people said similar things.  Even people who chose the same product, chose them for totally different reasons.  And THERE ARE SO MANY CHOICES!  Literally, I looked at the different types of carriers...no clue where to even start. 

One friend of mine told me (with a straight face) that I would need no less than 4 strollers to be functional with a baby.  FOUR STROLLERS?!?!?  In her mind, each had a very different purpose and none of those could overlap.  Look, I'm not judging knocking it...it has worked well for her.  (Side note: she registered for FIVE different sets of china, you know, just in case, so maybe this was my fault for even asking to begin with.) 

And with wedding registries, you are picking gifts for adults.  Consenting adults.  If it turns out you don't like the blender, you deal with it or you get a new one.  It's not a thing.  BUT OH MY GOD WHAT IF THE BABY HATES EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE/PACIFIER/SWING/TOY/HIGH CHAIR YOU BUY FOR HIM/HER?!?!  THEN WHAT?!?!?

 { laser eyes is what }


All this is to say, what should we register for?  What can't we live without? (Incorrect answer: four different strollers)  Feel free to give me all of your reasons in the comments. 

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blogging hiatus...

...to bring you a very important announcement... 

Happy Small Business Saturday Birthday, to my very first internet friend MODG!  

Go over to her blog IMMEDIATELY and wish her many years of sparkles, countless Asians, unlimited bronzing gel and limited diarrhea. 

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Only in Texas.

Last Thursday, we went to the rodeo.

This was the carpet in the stadium (sidenote: this is not just a rodeo venue. it's the same stadium the professional football team plays in.)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where I've Been.

See that? That is my eyeball.

It's a MIRACLE! I can see. If you're thinking about LASIK, just go do it. I literally could not see the big E at the top of the vision chart before and now I can see 20/15.

(sorry for the shitty iPhone pics, but thanks to S for taking them for me!)

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Only in Texas (Houston Edition)

This. Is. Ridiculous.

Remember the Friday before Superbowl when the whole country was crippled by snow? When Dallas had to shut down airports due to several inches of snow and no way to get rid of it? In Houston, the freeways were shut down because of ice and the mayor declared everyone should stay at home.

This was outside my patio Friday morning. The temperature was 29. And there had been NO PRECIPITATION.

The white stuff? Salt. You know, just in case.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Technology Tuesday.

Lame. I know.

Answer this for me, readers...

What do you all think of tumblr?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about making the switch.

And that's saying something pretty major because I used to HATE tumblr.

Promise to be back soon with some new things to chat about.

UPDATE: Apparently, several of you commented on this, but Blogger never mentioned it to me.

Becki Jacket
, why do you think you hate it? I need feedback.

tee, tell me more. This whole thing has me confused.

Kelly, I have no clue. But I think using tumblr would get rid of my short post guilt.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchen FAIL.

Today I was making myself an early lunch (it's Wednesday, so it's not BRUNCH).

The oven beeps telling me the oven has pre-heated and what this is what happens.

{ can you see the handle??? }

{ Even better: when you pulled on the loose side, the whole thing came off. }

Sidenote: Have you guys tried these things? AMAZING.

{ I wasn't paid for this, for the record. But I do accept bribes in the form of chik'n nuggets. }

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Open Letter.

Dear American Apparel,

For a minute there, we were on the outs. But we can be friends again.

At least as friendly as a gal like me can be with an urban hipster like you.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At Last.

October 23 ended up being a great day. 

S and I got married.

No one killed anyone.

And except for a few very minor things, the day went on without a hitch (pun INTENDED).

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Makes My Heart Smile.

Best view in Paris?

Just go and check it out. You will thank me later.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sort of backwards.

someecards.com - It may be the antidepressants talking, but I'm feeling somewhat optimistic about 2011

We are going to start from the end of things since this isn't even relevant now won't be relevant for very much longer.


S and I did nothing. And it was glorious.

Actually, I take that back. We did something. We ate cheese on platters that were wedding gifts. Used the wine chiller and cheese knives Santa gave us. S cooked steaks. And we did all of this while watching back to back episodes of True Blood.

Jealous?  What did you guys do?

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I realize I haven't blogged in a few days. My bad.

I am trying to write some posts as we speak, so bear with me.

*pinky promise* I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

ZACK MORRIS TIME OUT I just realized several people had commented on my blog and BLOGGER DID NOT TELL ME.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

In WTF News...

Has anyone else heard about this?!?

Edited to add: apparently the link I posted didn't have the whole story. Go here. The cop issued the 13 year old in a coma a jaywalking ticket. For real. And for the record, the Las Vegas Police Department is backing their officer. Ridiculous.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In short.

Hi there. Welcome to 2011. And back to me blogging.

Sorry about the absence...

Last time we really chatted was in April, right after I met MODG in New York.  A lot has happened since then, so I will just go ahead and give the quick run through and we can go from there.  Some is worth talking about and a lot of it isn't.


Started volunteering on a full-time basis.  (Not a bad job if I say so myself, but it doesn't exactly pay the rent.) And by full-time, I mean like 60 hours a week.

Had to let go of our best friend because he let us know he was ready. 

Moved in together.  Officially.

Got hired by the non-profit I was volunteering for on a contract basis, right before their major program season started.

Took a trip to St. Louis to visit the (at the time) soon-to-be inlaws and dear friends.

Spent a week at camp.

Finished planning a wedding, sending out invitations, meeting with vendors, organizing RSVPs and everything else that goes with it.

Spent a weekend at camp.

Contract was over, so stopped working for money.

More volunteering.

Took a trip to NYC the weekend before our wedding, to enjoy time away from wedding nonsense and to go to a baby shower.

S and I got married. And then went on a honeymoon.

We traveled to St. Louis for Thanksgiving. We went to the winery as always. I tried to behave myself and get less drunk than usual.

I had a birthday. We celebrated.

Jesus had a birthday. We celebrated that too.

Then there was new years.

And here we are. In 2011.

Hopefully, I will get back to a regular posting again.  Agree?  Agreed.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Is anyone there?

I'll be back tomorrow and we'll try to start playing catch-up.*

*Or I might just skip catch-up and move on. We'll see how I feel.

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