Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In short.

Hi there. Welcome to 2011. And back to me blogging.

Sorry about the absence...

Last time we really chatted was in April, right after I met MODG in New York.  A lot has happened since then, so I will just go ahead and give the quick run through and we can go from there.  Some is worth talking about and a lot of it isn't.


Started volunteering on a full-time basis.  (Not a bad job if I say so myself, but it doesn't exactly pay the rent.) And by full-time, I mean like 60 hours a week.

Had to let go of our best friend because he let us know he was ready. 

Moved in together.  Officially.

Got hired by the non-profit I was volunteering for on a contract basis, right before their major program season started.

Took a trip to St. Louis to visit the (at the time) soon-to-be inlaws and dear friends.

Spent a week at camp.

Finished planning a wedding, sending out invitations, meeting with vendors, organizing RSVPs and everything else that goes with it.

Spent a weekend at camp.

Contract was over, so stopped working for money.

More volunteering.

Took a trip to NYC the weekend before our wedding, to enjoy time away from wedding nonsense and to go to a baby shower.

S and I got married. And then went on a honeymoon.

We traveled to St. Louis for Thanksgiving. We went to the winery as always. I tried to behave myself and get less drunk than usual.

I had a birthday. We celebrated.

Jesus had a birthday. We celebrated that too.

Then there was new years.

And here we are. In 2011.

Hopefully, I will get back to a regular posting again.  Agree?  Agreed.

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Meagan said...

Today has been like day of bad news bears and when I read "(at the time) soon-to-be inlaws" I thought the wedding had gotten called off! Scared me! Glad everything is good now post pics of everything!

Mrs. Bear said...

Can't wait for regular posting and pictures =0) Welcome back!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

You're back!!! Congrats on the wedding and all of your 2010! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us for 2011. I've missed your posts and was SO happy to see you comment on my 2011 Goals! Welcome back girl!

Nikki said...

Hooray! One of my favorite bloggers is back! Congrats on the wedding. And behaving at the winery

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Glad you're back pretty lady!

ZDub said...

This was my wish for the New Year, for you to come back.

Actually it was for Botox but this is good too.

Linda Pochinda said...

can't wait! welcome back (: and a late happy new years from here!

Milltini said...

I am glad you are back. Congrats on your wedding. Happy 2011!

Mrs. Sitcom said...

Love it.

Congratulations on your marriage :)

Happy New Year.