Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wedding Registries v. Baby Registries

When S an I got married, I was fortunate that everyone around me had already gotten married (literally, every one of my college girlfriends was married/had been married for a while and a majority of the girls I knew from high school were married...only in Texas, I guess). I didn't really care what other people thought as far as the wedding was concerned (I knew what I wanted...sorry I'm not sorry), but they were all great about what I should and shouldn't register for.

Don't get the bread maker. Do get the ice cream maker...it's so amazing and you guys will use it all the time! And on and on and on this went. (Side note: I got neither the bread maker nor the ice cream maker.  I also neglected to register for the rice cooker.  So far, no one in our house has died.  Yet.)

Wedding registries are easy. How big is our house? Do we have room to fit this crap? Do we really need a Kitchen-aid Stand Mixer? (Answer: YES) You answer those questions and then you pick the things that you think look the cutest with your other crap. And then you start stalking your registry to see when people bought you stuff wait patiently for the gifts to come in.  Simple.

The rules are so simple.  Register for so many things depending on how many people you are inviting/showers you are having/whatever the formula is you're supposed to follow.

{ Someone really sent me this as part of the wedding planning process.  You know, so we could figure out which wine glasses really went with our lifestyle? Yeah, I don't know either. }

Then comes the baby registry. This is much much trickier (probably because no one has sent me a sensible graphic demonstrating different parenting styles).

In my experience, most everyone has very specific ideas of what will be right for their baby.  If you don't get an angry response for not agreeing, then you typically get the look that says "hope you've been saving for therapy for that kid..."  No one tells you that you will get a divorce if you don't register for sterling silver (we didn't).  All of my girlfriends who were oh-so-helpful with wedding planning/registry, all have very specific ideas on babies (and yes, just about everyone has babies...some of them have more than one).  No two people said similar things.  Even people who chose the same product, chose them for totally different reasons.  And THERE ARE SO MANY CHOICES!  Literally, I looked at the different types of carriers...no clue where to even start. 

One friend of mine told me (with a straight face) that I would need no less than 4 strollers to be functional with a baby.  FOUR STROLLERS?!?!?  In her mind, each had a very different purpose and none of those could overlap.  Look, I'm not judging knocking it...it has worked well for her.  (Side note: she registered for FIVE different sets of china, you know, just in case, so maybe this was my fault for even asking to begin with.) 

And with wedding registries, you are picking gifts for adults.  Consenting adults.  If it turns out you don't like the blender, you deal with it or you get a new one.  It's not a thing.  BUT OH MY GOD WHAT IF THE BABY HATES EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE/PACIFIER/SWING/TOY/HIGH CHAIR YOU BUY FOR HIM/HER?!?!  THEN WHAT?!?!?

 { laser eyes is what }


All this is to say, what should we register for?  What can't we live without? (Incorrect answer: four different strollers)  Feel free to give me all of your reasons in the comments. 

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