Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I need help...

What do adults wear to bed?

Incorrect answers include: nothing (I'm pregnant and about to try breastfeeding...that ship has sailed) and things with long pants or long sleeves (I live in Texas and it is always so hot and if I am hot at night I am convinced that I will die of awfulness).

I currently sleep in some oversized men's soccer shorts that I stole from my friend's kid brother in high school and whatever shirts I have stolen from my husband. The problem is that the soccer shorts have lost their drawstring and thus their ability to stay on.  It isn't pretty.

I know I could just go out and buy more men's athletic shorts, but I feel like that's not very grown up. I need options.

I don't want clingy. But I also want it to be something that I don't necessarily have to put a robe over if I have to sneak into my own backyard.

I am open to all most suggestions. HELP!

And yes, I am totally aware that this is a first world problem.

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Brown Girl said...

OMG, your pregnant?? congratulations!!! ;)

Target has really cute pajama sets, tops and shorts/pants that look comfy...I'm not going to go into what I wear. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Congrats!! I wear a pair of my husband's old boxers and a t-shirt but when I was nursing it was the shorts and a nursing tank. I hate things getting wrapped around me and I hate being hot. At one point I must have worn something somewhat attractive to bed because I'm pregnant again ;). I'm not sure this has helped at all but maybe make you feel better that you are not the only one that does not wear "adult" things to bed. Good luck!

Kate said...

My bed clothes have morphed as I've gotten older. I used to wear a cami and boxers, but then they got old, nasty and ugly. Now I wear soft cotton capris (Target or Nordstrom) and a tank top (with a soft sports bra). I live in Texas, too. I'm very comfy when I sleep, even though I'm warm natured.

Ginger said...

I have to wear shorts because I get so hot, even in Missouri in the winter (which was actually very mild this year). I like Victoria's Secret PINK shorts, and Aerie shorts, but they are a little short so I don't know if I would go outside with them and a tank top on. I love Jockey Luxe tank tops because I don't have to wear a bra and they feel so good. I also have found some great pj's at TJ Maxx!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I'm really sort of happy to hear you wear old tshirts of your hubby's and athletic shorts you snagged from another dude... I totally still wear a pair of worn in old boxers that are soft cotton like a tshirt that were from my friends brother... who I had a crush on years ago... strange i still have them but they are really comfy. Add to that I still have my HS gym shirt from 9th grade among a ton of other soft worn out tees I refuse to get rid of and I often felt like I was just a hot mess for wearing that.

I often long to be the cute girl that goes to bed with sweet PJ's. I've found that pretty much in the hot months in AL the only thing I can handle is a thin tank, or a "boyfriend tank" and some soft, stretchy, comfy shorts. Draw strings are good but they ALWAYS fall out, it pisses me off and if you wash them tied too much the stupid string falls apart... again #firstworldproblems.

look through old navy, victoria secret, and even target - cheap choices... if you hate them at least you won't be breaking the bank to find your perfect items.

Note: my husband's mom purchased me some really nice pjs years ago... they're so nice I haven't worn them for fear they'll wear out... lame, I know.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

As a fellow knocked up gal, I rock a sports bra, the hubs' old baseball tees and his boxer briefs. Ha! Congrats lady!

petitexplosion said...

When I was in the last trimester of my pregnancy back in the summer days, I wore a huge ass band T-shirt my boyfriend had snagged from a concert.
Please note, Having big comfy T-shirt is way better than having shorts or tight shirts cling to your skin while you sleep, because when you're so huge you don't want so much of that with added heat.

Save money and go to walmart and buy tees in the XXL, make sure they're loose fitting and cover your bum or else you'll have a sad night. ):