Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I need help...

What do adults wear to bed?

Incorrect answers include: nothing (I'm pregnant and about to try breastfeeding...that ship has sailed) and things with long pants or long sleeves (I live in Texas and it is always so hot and if I am hot at night I am convinced that I will die of awfulness).

I currently sleep in some oversized men's soccer shorts that I stole from my friend's kid brother in high school and whatever shirts I have stolen from my husband. The problem is that the soccer shorts have lost their drawstring and thus their ability to stay on.  It isn't pretty.

I know I could just go out and buy more men's athletic shorts, but I feel like that's not very grown up. I need options.

I don't want clingy. But I also want it to be something that I don't necessarily have to put a robe over if I have to sneak into my own backyard.

I am open to all most suggestions. HELP!

And yes, I am totally aware that this is a first world problem.

sarah (signature)